C light Vitamin C


3 times stronger

It is what it is 📌 , vitamin c wey go Harvard 😌
Y’all know vitamin c is recommended to be taken at max 1000mg daily. This is because of its acidic nature, thus less absorbability, probably why a lot of people are yet to experience the wonders of vitamin c for their skin. Cos the higher the strength the better the results.

This is why you need BUFFERED VITAMIN C. This is an enhanced vitamin c made with modern innovative technology to have vitamin c in a neutralized form, without the acidic nature, and boosted in strength to enable higher dose, higher absorbability and higher skin-enhancing effect. Instead of ASCORBIC ACID, it comes in as ASCORBATE.

With C-LIGHT you get way higher strength, plus added benefits of ROSE HIPS & CITRUS BIOFLAVONOIDS.

You can now enjoy the wonders of vitamin c for your skin, which includes promoting skin lightening, collagen synthesis, elasticity, radiance and skin protection from uv and radicals.
Other health benefits include powerful antioxidants properties, immune health and radicals defense.


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