Age is just a number with Astaxathin!

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✔ Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
✔ Increases skin elasticity & moisture
✔ Natural agent of skin lightening & whitening
✔ Helps reduce skin damage from ultraviolet (UV) light
✔ Antioxidants, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory & able to control leukemia problems

✔ Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease
✔ Helps reduce Arthritis symptoms & prevent cataracts
✔ Reduces high blood pressure & sweet cats
✔ Helps to solve the problem of liver disorders & kidney failure
✔ Helps control parkinson’s disease & stroke

✔ Control obesity
✔ Deep sea fish source that does not give allergies
✔ Whitens the skin
✔ Removes blackheads
✔ Prevent / remove acne & scars

✔ Anti-aging & anti-wrinkle
✔ Makes skin smooth, fresh & radiant
✔ Accelerates wound healing
✔ Helps control & get rid of acne
✔ Increase energy levels

✔ Strengthens the body’s immune system
✔ Eliminates toxins in the body
✔ Contains active ingredients to burn body fat & burn excess fat on the cheeks as well as fat under the chin for a V shape effect on the face

With Phyto Astaxanthin Plus Abyadh, uollsss do not need botox injections or fillers to look youthful & V-shaped face! Uollsss no need to inject Vit C or collagen to look beautiful and fluffy!


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